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if your wanting to catch fish like this,

   You have to do it like John Aultman and his crew  (to the right) over in Slidell, Louisiana. He sent us some  videos and some pictures of his bumper day on the Gulf out by the oil rigs. Click on the arrow signs to the left here to share in the fun. John just picked up the Rodzilla SBT Rod and the MegalodonSBT  Rod from us and he is sure putting them to the test. Watched them pull up two Amber Jacks that could have wasted a conventional rod and reel not to mention the guy who was hanging on  to it.

   Our hats are off to John and his crew for a great day on the water.

Then Came


    The Megalodon fishing rod was designed and fabricated to fit the larger electric reels, such as the Lindgren Pitman S 1200 and the Kristal XL series reels.  We have no doubts after all the testing down in Key West and out by the oil rigs on the Gulf that this is absolutely the strongest and toughest deep sea fishing rod on the market today. Designed by a serious fisherman for serious fishermen this is definitely the rod for the big boys, Click on to the Tackle Shop at the top of the page and then to the rod section for more information.

We Messed up,

We made

Rodzilla Rods too tough for our own good

    You asked and we listened, those of you that wanted bigger and tougher are gona' be happy. The Rodzilla fishing rods have been flying out of here this last year and we have gotten some fantastic feedback from all the fishermen out there. We improved the reel seats to accommodate a wider variety of reels. The rod mounting has  been adjusted to make it even stronger.  It's so strong now that the only other thing we could do was make it  better looking.

    We're shipping out now from the East Coast to the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, and a host of other countries,..but because we build the toughest rod around the only way we get repeat sales is if they want a second one.


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Their the toughest rods around !

Grouper being returned to the depth he was pulled up from.

The ultimate, economical,

and fool-proof way to return

and re-compress fish catch safely

back to the depths from which they came.




Capt Roy's Fish Saver DESCENDING Device IS now available in Jacksonville Florida and on

   We would like to thank everyone who has bought the Fish Saver Descending Device and is using them with great success. They are now in use all around the coastal US and even across the ocean now. After testing by the government and other 'save the fish' organizations even they like them too. Ultimately it is up to all of us to do our part in the conservation of our fish resources.


   Now you can pick up your Fish Saver Descending Device in Jacksonville, Florida area at Strike Zone Fishing. No more waiting for delivery. Stop in and pick up your gear today!

   You can also order the Fish Saver along with our Rodzilla Fishing rods on Amazon. Just go to Amazon and search for Fish Saver to find them fast. Of course you can always just use our store page right here in the Tackle Shop and we will send it right on out to ya.


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