Bad Ass Fish require Bass Ass Fishermen

About Us

and Why We're Here

   We are a small family owned company established in 2006. We are fishermen, building products for fishermen. All of our products have been thoroughly tested in extreme fishing conditions before being brought to market. We produce high quality, easy to use, environmentally friendly products for the recreational fisherman at a fair and reasonable price.


   Our website is designed to pass along tips and information that we have gathered through trial and error over a lifetime of fishing to help you become a more successful fisherman and to enjoy the sport as much as we do


Our motto is....


"Catch only what you need,

Eat what you catch and,

Keep the oceans clean."

Captain Roy with a massive Tile Fish
Dianne with a monster Grouper.

Captain Roy

(Admiral) Dianne

Captain Roy


Roy and Dianne

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