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The Fish Saver Descending Device WORKS !


Free shipping

Grouper being returned with the Fish Saver Descending Device.

   Tempered Stainless construction, easy to use, Super Sharp Point, and it WORKS LIKE A CHAMP! It lasts a lifetime and maintenance is just a rinsing with fresh water. Proper and timely use of the Fish Saver returns the fish back to the depths and helps conserve our fish stocks for future generations to come.


Comes with the weight clip (weight not included)

Patent No. 9,241,479

Fish saver starter kit

    The Fish Saver Starter Kit is for those who don't have the weights and parts already to rig out their own rig. It ships ready to use, all you have to do is tie the end of the Para-cord to the correct end of the Fish Saver Descending Device and put it to work. Again this kit is money and time saved.


The Fish Saver Kit includes:

75' of Para-cord for the retrieval line.

1- 4 lb lead deep drop weight.

1- Quick clip with an interchangeable weight clip attached.


Free shipping

by Granny



                                 Grannie's deep drop

                                rigs  are hand made

                               from Momoi 300# mono

                             for the main line, Momoi

                            200# mono for the drops

                            and 300# swivels. The hooks are 8/0  Gamakatsu 4X hooks. Everything is crimped with aluminum sleeves.  Each rig is made with 4 drops and 5 green glow beads, so it does not matter which end you pick up, its ready to attach to your line and go deep dropping. From years of deep dropping, this is the most effective rig with unsurpassed quality.

Add up that hardware

and your time....

This is a Bargain at

$20 Each

by Granny

Grannie does custom orders!

Call 904-504-5276 for details.

For all you fishermen needing special tackle

or questions about custom rigs, be sure to ask the Captain

while you have him on the phone.

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