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The improved Rodzilla EXT Deep Drop Rod coupled with the Banax 1000 Electric fishing reel. Spooled with 600 yds of #80 braid. This is the best deal for the money.







The Kaigen 'Bannax 1000' (reel only)

-Strong cranking power by this electric motor and accurate

digital depth control.

-Instant maximum

winding power 77.2 lb.

-Maximum drag force 44.1 lb.

-Practical max

retrieve power : 22.5 lb

-Max speed : 525 ft/min.

-1 Year Warranty


Custom colors available, call for details.

    Banax is one of the only reel manufacturers in the world that can make high quality fishing reels across all specifications. They can make everything from electric reels to fly reels to low profile bait casters in right and left hand to right and left hand barrel bait casters to trolling reels to jigging reels. So when you buy a Banax reel you know you are buying a reel that is made by a serious reel manufacturer and not a marketing company. The evolution of the hugely popular Kaigen Electric Reel has lead to the Kaigen 1000 and 500XP reels. Reels that will help you catch fish.


Virtually bullet proof with a guarantee to back it up. Constructed of marine grade aluminum, powder coated, and fitted with a fiberglass spring arm and commercial V block pulley.


Super tough fishing rod great for Deep Drop Fishing or Bottom Fishing

Great replacement for a bent butt or heavy straight rod. No more aching arms and back. Can be used with any reel manual or electric.

(Reel not included)


The toughest strongest Deep Drop Fishing Rod made.

The New RODZILLA'S for 2018 have been refined and improved and they are without a  doubt the best and the strongest rods we've ever built.



NEW FOR 2018

Designed and fabricated to fit the larger electric reels, such as the Lindgren Pitman S 1200 and the Kristal XL series reels.

The Megalodon Fishing Rod

  The rod frame is 1.5 inch marine grade aluminum, tig welded in a precision fixture to insure perfect alignment. The rod seat is a 26mm Pacific Bay seat attached to 1” marine grade aluminum and welded into the Megalodon's frame. The frame is bent into a larger arch to accommodate the larger, taller reels, and to line up the level winds on these reels with the pulley. The commercial grade 4” V- block pulley is rated to 3700 pounds. The spring arm is pulltruded fiberglass is 2” wide x 5/16” thick and 36” long.  The Megalodon fits in a 0 degree rod holder and has a solid aluminum butt end that is welded into the frame and notched to hold your rod and reel in position for great fishing. Because of the weight of these reels, it is highly recommended that you have a top quality, heavy duty rod holder. Just like our Rodzilla rods, Megalodon has no eyes to twist or break off and it stays in the rod holder, so you won't go swimming with your gear.

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