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Rodzilla EXT /



Fish ready

"Here's the package to go with!"

   This is the Rodzilla EXT finished in a hammered

black powder coat coupled with the Banax 1000

Electric Reel. This Combo comes pre-spooled with 600 yards of #80 or #100 Diamond Braid along with 2 of 'Grannies' 4 Hook Rigs. Also included in the deal is the 'Fish Saver Device' so you can return your unwanted catch back alive to catch again next trip out.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  Order now an we will include a New 90 degree welded stainless rod holder with the order.

Save over $150.00

deep drop fishing, bottom fishing,

sword fishing...

To ORDER give us a call...

   If a custom rod (color) or another Rodzilla Rod model is desired just give us a call and and let us know what you want.

Our number is 904-504-5276

Bad Ass Fish require Bad Ass Fishermen!