Page: The Fish Saver Device
A fish return device that works by descending the fish back to the depts and reversing the effects of Barotrauma.

NO MORE FLOATERS with the fish saver DESCENDING device

   Only device that has the capability to return any size fish from small to extra large or multiple fish with just a change in the size of the weight you attach.

Patent No. 9,241,479

Barotrauma kills over 40% of all fish released by recreational fishermen and the toll is much higher for commercial boats.

  To use the Fish Saver, you must first attach a 100 ft. retrieval line to the ring on the bend. You can use a hand line spool to hold your retrieval line or flake it into a bucket. Make sure and tie the loose end to something so you don't lose your rig. Some fishermen attach the devise to their down riggers. We use a spare electric reel.

  You should also have at least a 4# weight already attached to the clip that is provided with the hook. If the fish is really large or bloated a heavier weight can be added.

   When a fish is caught that needs to be returned, insert the point up through the skin under the fish's jaw and out its mouth, being careful not to puncture the stomach if it is protruding.  At this point

Red Snapper being returned with the Fish Saver Descending Device.

you can use the Fish Saver to hold the fish while removing the hook and avoiding contact with the fish. Holding the fish off the deck helps to keep the fish's protective coating unharmed.

   Once the hook is removed, attach the weight with the clip to the ring on the end of the devise.  Holding the weight and the devise with the fish deep in the bend put

the fish in the water weight first. Allow the line to spool out until the desired depth is reached.  At this point, stop the line, the fish will slide off and the devise can be reeled back to the boat, ready for the next fish that needs to be saved.


Proper way to hold the fish getting ready to toss it weight first back to the water taking the fish back home to the depths.

NOTE: fish do not necessarily need to go all the way to the bottom to be released.  For fish caught in 200 feet or less- a depth of approximately 75 feet ( or more if you want) will return them safely.  For our deep dropping fishermen- we release our fish at 200-300 feet with great success.