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Capt Roy's Twin Vee Gets a Winter make-over

   It all started with Roy drilling a hole to mount some new equipment and finding water leaking out. Next thing we knew we had the whole transom cut out and found some serious wet and nasty wood. Once we had it all cleaned out we glassed the outside panel back in and poured in the ceramic never again to worry about the rotten wood problem.  The finishing went well and then we added new non-skid throughout along with patching all the old mounting holes left in the top side.

   While all that was happening all the cushions and upholstery got a make over too. Roy added a bit of embroidery to the scheme for that special touch. The "KittyCat" is now ready for the 2016 Fishing Season.

The newest Rodzilla FISHING rod!

we're adding it to the tackle shop

   Here it is being put through a grueling shake down inspection by Elliot, our head of Quality Control. Elliot who is also known in the fishing tackle industry as the "Tackle Terminator", threw up his hands after a long day of fish after fish and pronounced the new addition to the Rodzilla line of rods bulletproof.


In the Tackle Shop NOW

    It's been described as a  "Hybrid, Mutant, Alien Fishing Rod".


    It's the strongest, toughest recreational fishing rod on the market.  Designed as an inexpensive alternative to a bent butt rod used for deep dropping or bottom fishing. It is constructed of marine grade aluminum, powder coated, and fitted with a fiberglass spring arm and commercial V block pulley.  It fits well in a 30 or 90 degree rod holder. It is light weight, and will accommodate large electric and had crank reels. (see image above) It can be used for large fish such as swordfish, grouper, tuna, sharks, etc.

   If you are currently using a bent butt or heavy straight rod, this is a great replacement.

No more aching arms and back. No more broken rod tips from pulling your rig through them.  The fish can't take it overboard because the rod stays in the rod holder.




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