Page: Rodzilla EXT Deep Drop Fishing Rod Info
The toughest Deep Dropping Rod around

   The frame consists of an extruded aluminum rectangle welded to aluminum tubing with a slotted solid aluminum butt end.  The extruded rectangle is CNC machined to shape and slotted to allow the reel to be bolted directly to the frame. The reel is very easy to access for operation. It can accommodate electric or hand crank reels from medium to large.  It has a very sleek look that is pleasing to look at. This frame is an excellent choice for level wind reels because it is a straight shot from the reel to the pulley. It’s easier on the level wind dog. This rod is designed for BIG fish with all the same great qualities as the Rodzilla SBT.



   Custom rod (color) can be done if desired. Stock color is a Black hammered powder coat. Just give us a call and and let us know what you want.

Our number is 904-504-5276