Page: Rodzilla SBT Info Page
A tough dual use Bottom Fishing Rod

   This frame consists of marine grade aluminum

  tubing, bent into a "C" shape with lots of

 clearance between the reel and the spring arm. It’s very easy to see what’s going on with the line and the fish. The "C" shape makes a very good platform to hold on to if you are hand cranking a conventional reel. Some deep drop purest use hand cranked reels. This rod is excellent for this application and it works equally well with an electric reel. It has a sturdy universal mounting plate that can accommodate large reels.  It locks straight into the rod holder with a grooved butt end. You can see it in action on the video page. It is super user friendly and durable.




   Custom rod (color) can be done if desired. Stock color is a Black hammered powder coat. Just give us a call and and let us know what you want.

Our number is 904-504-5276