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NEW FOR 2019

    What began over a decade ago as a quest to build the best, the strongest and most affordable deep drop rod in the country has developed into our Rodzilla lineup of nearly indestructible deep drop rods designed for the electric reels most used by Pro and Amateur alike.  With the success of our original line, the EXT and SBT we found our rods becoming popular not just here  in Florida but in the Caribbean, the West Coat, and across the oceans in Australia and the UK . The feedback was tremendous and now we are proud to present the 2019 line up of Rods including our newest the "Megalodon" which was designed to accommodate the larger 'LP's' and Kristals.


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The Megalodon  X-SBT

Roy's Electric Reels

Now Carrying

Kristal Electric Reels !

   Their electric fishing reels are designed and built with the enthusiasm of those who have a deep passion for fishing and will amaze you with their solidity, versatility, longevity and care in the choice of materials.

Kristal is the True

"All In One Reel"!


When you compare the price against the competition then the choice is easy.

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A 4 hook rig for deep drop fishing made by Granny's Rigs
A line of pre-made fishing tackle by Roy's Electric Reels

Demand for the Fish Saver Descending Device is BIG!

   The device is still the simplest, the most economical and humane way to send your

by-catch back to the bottom to grow and maybe be caught another day.

CALL and ORDER YOURS TODAY to do your part in the conservation of our fish resources.

BY the Way, We've still got Granny chained to the Rigging Bench making those Rigs...

   Besides her signature Grouper and Snapper rig she's taking custom orders now. Give her a call if you have something in mind and help keep her too busy to fish. When we take her fishing with us she out fishes all of us put together and it's darn right embarrassing.

So give her a call and help us fellers out.

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